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Most Popular Videos

  • HIITcore with Gemma

    Get the ultimate fat burn in Gemma’s 30 minute HIITcore workout. Focusing on High Intensity Interval Training interspersed with traditional barre based exercises, Gemma’s boundless energy will get your body moving in all the right ways!

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  • Seat & Thighs with Charlotte

    Get ready to strengthen and lengthen your seat and thighs in this targeted 30 minute toning class! Perfect on it’s own or tag it together with any of our other classes for extra results!

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  • barrecoreMIXED with Tash

    Tash’s 45 minute signature barrecoreMIXED class will target and sculpt all your major muscle groups and help you get the infamous barrecore body! Expect to quiver and shake!

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  • Arms & Abs with Suse

    The best workout to focus on your arms and abs, this 30 minute class will draw in your waist and elongate your arms. Prepare to work these muscle groups to the point of exhaustion as well as create beautiful definition!

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  • barrecoreBEGINNERS with Emily - Beginners

    In this 40 minute class, we talk you through technique in more detail and give you the foundations you need to move onto any class with confidence, ease and prowess! A great class to master as a beginner or to focus on your form if you’re more advanced.

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  • barrecoreEXPRESS with Maria

    Maria brings her boundless energy to this 30 minute EXPRESS class. There’s no rest for the wicked in this fast paced class using signature barrecore moves to make the most of your time and calorie burn! Prepare to break a sweat!

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