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barrecoreVIRTUAL Online Classes bring the benefits of our proven fat-burning, interval training exercise to the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel. Try one of our Online Classes today and make change happen. We recommend purchasing our optional barrecore Accessory Pack to complement our online classes.

Recently Added Classes

Seat & Thighs with CharlotteSeat & Thighs with Charlotte
Get ready to strengthen and lengthen your seat and thighs in this targeted 30 minute toning class! Perfect on it’s own or tag it together with any of our other classes for extra results!
Arms and Abs with Suse Arms & Abs with Suse
The best workout to focus on your arms and abs, this 30 minute class will draw in your waist and elongate your arms. Prepare to work these muscle groups to the point of exhaustion as well as create beautiful definition!
barrecoreMIXED with TashbarrecoreMIXED with Tash
Tash’s 45 minute signature barrecoreMIXED class will target and sculpt all your major muscle groups and help you get the infamous barrecore body! Expect to quiver and shake!

All Online Classes

barrecoreEXPRESS with MariabarrecoreEXPRESS with Maria
Maria brings her boundless energy to this 30 minute EXPRESS class. There’s no rest for the wicked in this fast paced class using signature barrecore moves to make the most of your time and calorie burn! Prepare to break a sweat!
barrecoreBEGINNERS with Emily barrecoreBEGINNERS with Emily
In this 40 minute class, we talk you through technique in more detail and give you the foundations you need to move onto any class with confidence, ease and prowess! A great class to master as a beginner or to focus on your form if you’re more advanced.
barrecoreADVANCED with ChrissybarrecoreADVANCED with Chrissy
Challenge your body and your mind with our most advanced online class yet! Chrissy has created a 45 minute class that will provide you with amazing results using signature barrecore technique pushed to the absolute max!

barrecoreEXPRESS class with Niki barrecoreEXPRESS with Niki Short on time but still want the full barrecore workout? Our 30 minute barrecoreEXPRESS class combines Niki’s favourite barrecore moves with some High Intensity Interval Training to ensure a focused and intense workout!
barrecoreMIXED class with CharlottebarrecoreMIXED with Charlotte
There’s no rest for the wicked in this 60 minute intense barrecoreMIXED class. Charlotte targets each and every one of your muscles to create the famous barrecore body! This is 60 minutes of your time that you won’t regret!
HIITcore Class with GemmaHIITcore with Gemma
Get the ultimate fat burn in Gemma’s 30 minute HIITcore workout. Focusing on High Intensity Interval Training interspersed with traditional barre based exercises, Gemma’s boundless energy will get your body moving in all the right ways!
Seat and Abs with Nicky B Seat and Abs with Nicky B
Nicky brings her amazing talents to help target your seat and abs. Tag onto another 30 minute online class or do by itself, your seat and abs will never feel so lifted and sculpted!

The perfect accompaniment for your Online Classes!

The barrecore Accessory Pack is presented in a stylish purple barrecore tote and contains: barrecore branded inflatable ball with pump, 5 ft long medium resistance stretch band and a pair of grippy barrecore socks.

Order your pack before Friday 19th December to receive before Christmas. All other purchases will be processed January 2nd 2015

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barrecore Accessory Pack
Niki Legs and Upper Body Niki Legs & Upper Body
Targeted to sculpt your arms, back and thighs, Niki will push you and direct you down the path to a sleeker stronger self. This video can be paired with Niki’s Seat & Abs video to create a full-on barrecore dream class!
barrecoreEXPRESS with MorganbarrecoreEXPRESS with Morgan
Your time is precious! Get the most out of your workout with Morgan’s intense and focused 25-minute EXPRESS class.
barreCARDIO with MorganbarreCARDIO with Morgan
Morgan brings her bottomless energy to this incredibly fun 30 minute cardio class which has been revamped to truly amplify your results.
Niki Seat and Abs Niki Seat & Abs
Show your abs who’s boss and give your backside a boost! In this 30 minute class, Niki will help you carve out a leaner midsection by honing in on those problem areas with deep abdominal exercises while also working on creating a perkier backside!


Marysa Stretch Class barreSTRETCH with Marysa
In this luxurious half hour class, Marysa will help you loosen up and relax as you release those tight muscles through a series of gentle but intensive stretches. Top to toe you will be ushered into a state of bliss as you focus on releasing the muscle tension from all of your hard work at the barre!
Morgan Mixed barrecoreMIXED with Morgan
Morgan is truly the master of her craft as she uses her exacting style and infectious positivity to help you push yourself that extra inch further and into the best shape of your life! This 45-minute barrecoreMIXED online class is fast paced, thorough, and will get you well on your way to a dancer’s physique.
Mixed Level with NikibarrecoreMIXED with Niki
Join barrecore Founder, Niki Rein, for an incredibly focused and energetic 45-minute barrecoreMIXED online class. You will be reshaped top to toe as she guides you through the most effective barrecore exercises to create the coveted ‘barrecore body’ she is famous for.
Marysa BootcampbarrecoreBOOTCAMP with Marysa
Looking to create a long and lean physique and have a little fun while you’re at it? Look no further than Marysa’s 45-minute barrecoreBOOTCAMP class. We have combined high intensity interval training (HIIT) with our signature barrecore isometric movements to create the ultimate fat-burning and lean muscle-building workout. You will sweat and you will thank us for it.

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