Barre Fitness Workouts & Classes

barrecore is intelligent exercise integrating high-intensity, low-impact fat-burning moves with static stretches. The incredible changes clients see through barrecore are the results of working and exhausting all muscle groups and subsequently stretching the muscles for relief. Each workout targets the major muscle groups and improves posture and alignment no matter what your fitness level. This is how we effectively, efficiently and safely reshape the entire body, creating the highly coveted barre body.
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barrecore Classes

Our signature barrecore class is a low impact, full body, interval training program using isometric exercises alternated with stretching. Movements are done using your own body weight as resistance and/or small equipment and high repetition to overload the muscle and then stretched out to create a longer looking and lean physique.
In these classes, clients learn more about the method and techniques with explanations about posture set-up and modifications for exercises. This class is designed for both new and experienced clients wanting to learn more about each posture for further understanding and how they can work deeper for faster results.
barreASANA will challenge you physically and mentally as you continuously flow through each pose whilst incorporating your favourite barrecore signature positions to inspiring and uplifting music blending rock, reggae, hip hop, and chilled out beats. This fast-paced class will tone your limbs and tighten your core, leaving you feeling lengthened, worked-out and mentally centred for your day ahead.
Crank up the resistance! Our signature barrecoreMIXED class, spiced up with resistance bands for added intensity. The resistance bands help you understand how to isometrically and eccentrically contract your muscles, bringing a greater understanding to the muscles you need to be contracting in your other classes. We recommend trying this once you’ve completed your first barrecoreMIXED class. Suitable for all levels, it’s perfect for those looking to add something fresh to their existing barrecore regiment!
Similar to our barrecoreMIXED level class, the barrecoreADVANCED clients experience advanced variations with more repetition and less recovery between sets. We recommend that you attend at least 15 barrecoreMIXED classes and are proficient at all of the basic positions before joining an Advanced level class. Get ready to be pushed to the next level!
HIITcore uses full body exercises which will kick your fat loss into high gear – the HIIT (high intensity interval training) section is very short but will be one of your toughest workouts ever, we promise! By working close to your maximum heart rate you will be burning more calories which will be beneficial to weight loss. And it’s not just about burning fat during the workout, what makes HIITcore so special is that you will continue to burn fat throughout the day and into the next, burning fat, not muscle and boosting your metabolism. Combining HIIT with traditional barrecore moves means that you’re not only burning fat but you’re also creating the famous long lean lines that barrecore is known for. It’s one of our most challenging classes but the quickest way to see results.
A dedicated 45 minute stretch class, incorporating myofascial release and lengthening techniques from dance, yoga and fitness. This half hour sequence will encourage muscles to lengthen and detoxify, leaving both body and mind feeling calm and open.
Prolonged High intensity interval training + barrecore Signature moves = Perfection!
After a warm up, we take you through prolonged periods of low impact high intensity intervals, quick cardio bursts, effective signature barrecore moves, and active recovery exercise to trim, tone and sculpt. We use the barre for support and resistance, light weights for added intensity, and your own body as tools in a purposeful formula to achieve a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Expect improvements in your shape, strength and stamina!
barreBUMP modification class
For the barrecore mum-to-be! The barreBUMP modification class is a 30 minute one on one session with a barrecore instructor to learn safe, effective modifications for your pregnancy exercise. Price £28. Please call to book!