Our Story

Hi There,

Welcome to barrecore!

I have been passionate about barre and dance based fitness since 2007 and when I moved to London from the US in 2009 I was surprised to find a lack of barre and boutique fitness studios overall. At the time of my arrival, it took just a few short months to realise how many people (especially women… high powered to busy mums) were desperate for a fitness regime that made them feel feminine yet helped them achieve incredibly quick results. In late 2009, I began teaching what I called ‘barrecore’ classes out of a little mews house in Central London and word of rapidly transforming bodies travelled quickly. Before I knew it, barrecoreCHELSEA was born in November 2011.

I truly believe barrecore is a special place; not just for the results the method creates but for the community of incredible individuals it attracts. Our instructors are not only among the best in the UK but they, along with our front of house staff, are incredibly warm, inclusive and the most caring people I know. I am incredibly grateful to work along side each of them and feel fortunate to have a team that is always looking at ways to improve the wellness, physiques and fun factor for our clients within the UK and abroad.

We are moving from strength to strength (in the most dancer like and streamlined way of course!) all thanks to our amazing clients, fantastic team and, of course, the incredible barrecore method.



Nicky Rein - Founder & CEO