Our newest recruit to the Barrecore Head Office, Marketing Executive Holly Homewood, was thrown straight in at the deep end when she was asked to trial our new SIGNATURE LITE class on her first day. Here's what she had to say about her experience at the barre.

"Until last Monday I had never taken a Barrecore class before, so was a little apprehensive to learn I'd been signed up to trial the all new SIGNATURE LITE format on the first day at my new job!

I was assured that the session would be just right for me. It’s designed for barre fitness beginners (which I most certainly am) and has a focus on technique, so I was hoping to come out of class feeling that I had understood the method and had got to grips with the key moves and their benefits.

I explained to the instructor, Gemma, that it was my first time at the barre and she said she would pay me extra attention with hands on modifications where required.

I quickly learnt that my nerves were unnecessary. Gemma was super-encouraging throughout and although 'hands-on modifications' sounded scary at first, with just a little tweak here and there I was able to readjust my positioning and feel the moves work even more effectively. I particularly enjoyed the indulgent, long stretches at the end of each set, which helped the 55 minutes fly by. As a complete beginner, I never felt I couldn't keep up with the pace of the class which was a relief. Afterwards I ached and my muscles burnt (a new sensation for me) but I enjoyed the feeling of having worked-out really hard and not being all sweaty afterwards.

SIGNATURE LITE was certainly a challenge but as Gemma kept reminding us, those challenges only last for a count of eight and then you can relax and stretch it out (and what’s eight seconds in the grand scheme of things!).

So having worked at Barrecore for just a week I’m already hooked on the classes and can’t wait for my second round of SIGNATURE LITE, before moving on to a faster paced format. Barrecore newbies, trust me, this class is for you!"

"Not only is it a great workout, the class helps take your mind off everything outside the studio and truly relax."
Beginner's Barre Fitness Class - Barrecore Signature Lite Beginner's Barre Fitness Class - Barrecore Signature Lite Beginner's Barre Fitness Class - Barrecore Signature Lite