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A good number of us know the drill when it comes to exercising to tone our biceps or work our abs (bicep curls and planks ahoy), but if targeting your inner thighs, strengthening your knee joints or quite simply building long and lean muscle in the leg department is your goal, it’s not always obvious where to begin. From the revival of the ‘thighmaster’ to the moves you might be doing already that will quite literally give your workout a leg up, here are the problem-solving leg workouts that get results, whether you’ve got speed, stamina, strength building or weight loss in mind.


Along with your stomach, thighs are notoriously one of the most tricky areas to target and strengthen. If the leg press machine isn’t having the desired effect, try honing in on thighs more precisely. A very retro piece of home kit can help you get there- the thighmaster. The thigh sculpting fitness tool made famous in the early 90s is seeing a comeback, with the likes of Gymbox launching entire class programmes that big up the benefits of the hinged tube device. Thunder is fresh on the gym’s timetable and capitalises on the resistance created by the thighmaster to build “thighs of steel”, alongside other quad and glute toning moves to get your lower body burning over a 45 minute period. Wondering where the glutes come into thigh whittling? Personal trainer and body transformation coach Tanya Niedzwiecki explains why toned thighs start from the bottom, so to spea

“Always start any leg workout with glute activation exercises. Our butt muscles (the glutes) are generally extremely lazy, since our modern day lives see us sitting on them for a lot of the time, but they're also one of the strongest muscles in the body and need to be ‘switched on’ to power the lower body exercises that create strong legs, such as squats, lunges and deadlifts. If we don’t engage out glutes we can end up using our quadriceps more and becoming imbalanced. Basically, you can’t have toned legs and thighs without putting work in where your bum is concerned.

Tanya’s top moves for firing up glutes and working on your thighs at the same time are glute bridges, hip thrusts, side steps using a resistance band and ‘clamshell’ moves. If you’re in the dark concerning that particular exercise, a or pilates class will shed some light on the manoeuvre- it’s a slow, side-lying exercise whereby you rest your legs at a 45 degree angle and lift one leg while keeping your bottom leg planted on the ground, taking legs to a ‘clam shell’ position and back together. Tricky to visualise, so this GIF might clear things up, or better still, give your inner thighs the bootcamp treatment with a Barrecore ‘thigh focus’ video, incorporating clam shells and other slow thigh and bum burners that will have muscles working in tiny movements but to a point of maximum fatigue. For a taster of the Barre based thigh magic, here’s three inner thigh exercises to try at home:


Using a table or chair in place of a barre, stand and face your prop with your feet in parallel, hip distance apart. Lift the heels one inch off the floor and lower yourself down a few inches. Lower yourself to the floor and back to the start, keeping the spine in neutral (straight). This will work your thighs eccentrically (lengthening muscles under load) . Repeat ten times and then hold stillness at the top for 30 seconds. Repeat three times until your thighs are burning!

After the thigh shakes, don’t forget to stretch to aid repair- pull your right heel to your right glutes, knees together and tip the tailbone forwards to stretch the hip flexors and quads. Repeat on the left. Effective stretching will allow your muscles to recover quicker, allowing you to get back to the thigh master sooner. The joy.


The vertical v works the thighs and, as the dominant muscle group, it’s key for getting the heart rate up and getting into that calorie burning zone. The vertical v is a really versatile position allowing you to do both isometric and full range movements. Tiny isometric moves will help to strengthen your muscles and burn fat for up to four days afterwards whilst full range movements will get your heart rate up. See Barrecore’s video below to master it:

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"Give your inner thighs the bootcamp treatment with a Barrecore ‘thigh focus’"