Mindful Chef and Barrecore
Healthy Eating Delivered To Your Door

Finding time to plan, prep and cook nutritious, tasty mid-week meals is a challenge for those of us with busy modern lifestyles (especially when we need to hit the barre too). So, sharing values for holistic wellbeing, we've come together with healthy eating, food box company Mindful Chef; as an opportunity to further support all of you Barrecore Warriors on your journey to achieving more sustainable, healthier, happier lives.

Sign up to Mindful Chef's weekly recipe boxes and you'll get everything you need to make delicious low-carb, gluten and dairy free evening meals, delivered straight to your door, making healthy eating easy. And look out for our nutritional advice MasterClasses, and additional promotions that we'll be running on social media with our new partner.

Mindful Chef and Barrecore
An Exclusive Welcome

As a Barrecore client, you get an exclusive (and we mean it, you won't find this level of discount anywhere else) 25% off your first two Mindful Chef orders. Simply use the code BARRECORE25 at checkout, or click the link below and your discount will automatically be applied.

Barrecore workout
See faster results at the barre

Achieving your fitness goals isn't just about the amount of effort you put in at the barre. Complementing your burning and shaking with fully balanced nutritional meals through Mindful Chef will help you see the results you want faster. Barrecore Teacher Trainer Emily King says 'Eating healthy will provide the body with the nutrients and energy it needs to perform well, as well as helping to recover and replenish after a workout'.

Mindful chef recipe box
Why Mindful Chef?

Described as 'The Net-a-porter' of recipe boxes, our nutritional partners Mindful Chef source all their ingredients sustainably from small family-run British farms to bring you the best produce in the country. With new recipes every week, each meal contains just 10 ingredients and takes no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Give a box a go today and transform the way you eat with ease.