Fitness Challenge - Barrecore

Super-charge your summer regime with the Barre Blitz. We're giving you 10 days to complete 7 Barrecore classes, the ideal way to kick-start your fitness goals ahead of holiday season. After this intense challenge, our optimum 4 classes a week will be a breeze. Can you handle the shake?


Select your preferred Studio below and get ready to hit the barre.

Fitness Challenge - Barrecore

The Barre Blitz will focus on YOUR personal goals and motivation.

Once you’ve signed up, it’s up to you to commit, tick off those classes, motivate yourself and make sure you fully blitz your body. And your incentive?

Seeing that physical change as you create those long, lean muscles, and feeling great for it!

Setting personal goals is important for the following reasons:

1. Setting small goals makes bigger 'end' goals seem more realistic
Getting that summer body might be your big end goal, but you need to break that down into smaller milestones, such as having smoothies for breakfast, getting 8 hours sleep a night and completing 7 Barrecore classes in 10 days!

2. Quantifying tasks and turning them into goals helps you succeed
‘I’m going to go to more barre classes’ is too vague. How many more, when will you start, when will you finish, when will you be satisfied you’ve achieved your goal and what’s the purpose? ‘I’m going to blitz my body by attending 7 barre classes in 10 days starting today’ means you know exactly what you want to achieve and why, making it more likely you’ll achieve it. It also means you can measure your progress and can reward yourself accordingly once you’ve achieved it.

3. Goals help you overcome procrastination and encourage self-motivation
In setting yourself a goal and writing it down, or even telling people about it, you’ll hold yourself accountable to achieve it and be more self-motivated.