Take 16 classes in 4 weeks (between 12th February and 12th March 2018) and make lasting change happen in your body. Work to your edge in class and you'll start to see results in the first week. Remember, any class on the timetable counts towards your total, as do Private Barre sessions.


Complete all 16 classes you you'll receive a bottle of Vitamin D from our amazing food grown supplements supplier Wild Nutrition. The perfect way to boost your body after working so hard!

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We have created a fab value-for-money pack especially for the Challenge, so as many Clients as possible can join in. If you already have class credits don't worry; we will be making a top up pack available to you at the start of the Challenge.

Barre Solo and Barre Freedom Members have unlimited classes - so simply sign up! And if you have a Barre Eight Membership we will be writing to you prior to the start of the Challenge with a special top up deal.


Here's a few tips we've come up with to help you stay motivated and complete your 16 Classes! Good Luck!!

1) Pre-book your classes and make sure you've put them firmly in the diary. That way, there'll be no excuses for missing a class or double booking them with something else.
2) Staying motivated is easier if you visualise achieving your goal. Focus on the sense of achievement you'll feel after you've completed the Challenge. Keep in mind the end result and how satisfied you'll be both physically and mentally.
3) Bring a friend to class. Working out becomes a lot easier and more fun if there's two of you and, you'll feel bad if you bail on them.
4) Try back-to-back classes such as SIGNATURE followed by STRETCH to get a full workout and do two classes per visit!
5) Remember that Private Barre sessions count towards your total, and are a great way to squeeze the best results from your group classes.

And after completing the Challenge you'll notice amazing long term changes to your body, just in time for Summer and time by the pool!

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