The Barrecore Story


Barrecore launched in London in 2011, and was the first specialist barre fitness studio in the UK.

Our founder, Niki, had recently moved from Los Angeles and was surprised to discover that the boutique fitness trend she had left behind was yet to arrive in London. Niki recognised that Londoners needed an exercise regime that allowed them to fit a range of intelligent workouts into their busy lives.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our classes and the expertise of our instructors. Unlike most barre studios, our instructors undergo a vigorous selection process and 200 hours of training. Above all though, Barrecore is about enjoying yourself in a friendly, buzzing environment where you'll be welcomed by name as soon as we get to know you.

We are immensely proud of the Barrecore community that has grown since our first studio opened in Chelsea. We now have 11 Studios across the UK, including nine in London. We are continuing to expand so we can bring Barrecore to even more locations.

We believe that our Barrecore Studios are special places, not just for the lasting effects that barre fitness training delivers, but for the atmosphere and environment created by our Clients and Staff.

Before you try your first Barrecore class read more about what to expect on your first visit to the barre!


“I love the Barrecore community - staff, instructors and clients. It's like hanging out with good friends all day. Everyone is incredibly friendly, helpful and health focused. I truly love being at work!”